With nearly 25 years of real estate association and MLS management experience, I can offer assistance and guidance in a number of capacities:


One of the advantages of a quarter-century of experience in all aspects of the  real estate industry is I can share that knowledge with you and your organization.  Consulting services can be tailored to your needs, with no minimum duration or contract.

Strategic Planning

Many organization, particularly MLSs, are reviewing their own purposes and considering changes in their service offerings.  Is it important to meet every whim and request from every broker and agent?  Maybe not.  Let me help you in your decision and planning process, if nothing more than to ask a bunch of questions to get your thinking caps cooking.

Conference Speaker, panel moderator, discussion facilitator

Do you need someone to stir the pot of ideas and get the audience involved in thinking about new ideas, new directions, new models? Sometimes it’s hard to see the forest and you need a lumberjack to chop down some trees for a better view of the next horizon.  I have presentations to challenge the status quo that can be tailored to any audience.

Interim Executive Management

  • Is your association or MLS suddenly losing your chief executive due to a resignation or unexpected retirement?
  • Are you without a designated successor, someone trained to  step in with all the knowledge needed to keep the organization running smoothly?
  • Are you considering an adverse employee action but are hesitant to do so because you have no way to fill the vacancy while you search for a permanent replacement?
  • Do you know you are going to merge with another MLS or association in the near future, so you don’t want to hire a new CEO only to fire that person after the merger?

Interim management services can solve all of those problems for you.  An interim CEO can step in and keep your ship not only afloat but on course while you take the time necessary to find the perfect full time replacement. I can fill that role for you.

Business  Development

Are you one of the “two guys in a garage” working on a new killer application for real estate?  Now that you have the  beta version, are  you looking for some guidance in rolling out that product  to the real world?  I can probably help.

C-Level Recruiting

And if you would like me to help you find that perfect full time replacement, I can scour my personal network of known job seekers and a few that may not even know they could be interested in managing your organization until we ask.  I have a very deep address book.  Let me introduce your vacancy to the right candidates.

Please use the contact for below to send me particulars of your needs and let’s talk about the future of your organization and how I can help.

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